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Joi, 18 ianuarie 2024, orele 12-14
Conferențiar: KARIN DE BOER (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Tema: „From Kant’s metaphysics of metaphysics to Fichte’s philosophy of philosophy”
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In his 1781 letter to Herz, as is well known, Kant referred to the type of philosophy carried out in the Critique of Pure Reason as a metaphysics of metaphysics. He conceived of this metametaphysics as a critical investigation into the conditions under which metaphysics can be turned into a science. Yet Kant did not clarify to what extent the investigation carried out in the Critique proceeded scientifically itself, and many of his contemporaries doubted it did. This problem motivated Reinhold’s and Fichte’s projects in a crucial way. Rather than examining their solutions, this paper seeks to foreground a shift from the more or less implicit conception of philosophy contained in the Critique to the explicit metaphilosophical reflections put forward in Fichte’s 1794 Concerning the Concept of the Wissenschaftslehre. In this text, I argue, Fichte seeks to clarify the idea of a doctrine of science itself as well as the means required to actualize it, but abandons Kant’s idea of a separate, preparatory, critique intended to determine the boundaries within which metaphysics is possible. In this way, Fichte contributed to the eclipse of the idea of critique in German idealism.