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Miercuri, 3 aprilie 2024, orele 10:30-12:30
Conferențiar: acad. MIRCEA DUMITRU (I.P.P.R.A.)
Tema: “Feeling the Proof. Is There Such a Thing as a Phenomenology of Reasoning?”

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From Williamson’s knowledge-first perspective, we are cognitively homeless, and our mental/cognitive states are not luminous. I argue that, in feeling that one understands a logical or mathematical proof, the state of understanding is luminous in that it evinces semantic qualia. I provide three examples: one pedagogical example (teaching natural deduction using arbitrary objects), one example concerning understanding an entire subject-matter (the preeminence of Euclidean geometry), and one example regarding the understanding of specific logical results (how modal frame incompleteness can be represented from the standpoint of second-order logic).