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Joi, 20 iunie 2024, orele 12-14

ARNAUD DEWALQUE (Center for Phenomenological Research, Philosophy Department, University of Liège)
Tema: ”Two Varieties of Anti-Kantianism: Bolzano and Brentano”

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Anti-Kantianism is often considered a distinctive feature of Austrian philosophy. However, there are several varieties of anti-Kantianism. In this paper I offer a brief reconstruction of Bolzano's critique of Kant and contrast it with Brentano's. Bolzano's anti-Kantianism consists essentially in revising Kant's distinctions between different kinds of judgments (a priori/a posteriori, analytic/synthetic) by introducing purely objective criteria, i.e., criteria relating to the nature of propositions, regardless of the way such propositions are apprehended by the subject. Brentano's anti-Kantianism takes a different tack. It focuses on the subject's self-evident apprehension of some propositional content.