Doctoral studies in philosophy and psychology are organized by the Doctoral School of Philosophy and Psychology (DSPP) and constitute the third cycle of university studies in philosophy and psychology, taking place within the framework of the Romanian Academy. University studies within DSPP culminate in a scientific Ph.D. degree in the fields of philosophy and psychology, respectively. The scientific Ph.D. program of DSPP consists of an advanced research program in one of the two thematic areas, conducted under the guidance of a doctoral supervisor and a guidance committee, and concluded by the public exam-sesion of the doctoral thesis. The doctoral program is organized in full-time (through doctoral grants), full-time with a scholarship, part-time with a fee, or fee-free forms. The two components of the program for thesis development include advanced university studies and an individual research program. The disciplines of ethics and academic integrity, as well as research methodology, are the two mandatory courses for each of the two fields, being essential in the elaboration of a doctoral thesis in philosophy or psychology. The set of courses available within DSPP is flexible and provides doctoral students with the opportunity to broaden their research scope corresponding to the chosen theme and to assimilate academic research standards more easily. Throughout their doctoral studies, students develop and present research reports, participate in the academic life of the Institute, attend conferences, and engage in other activities organized within the IFPAR. 



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